A new era in mobility.

From pioneer in car leasing to digital innovator in longer-term mobility


Over 50 years of experience

The roots of our company go all the way back to the year 1967. That was the year Sixt became the first German company to launch a vehicle leasing program. Since then, our company has developed into an innovation leader in the industry. Within 50+ years the company has evolved into an independent leasing and full-service provider.


In 2020, after being part of the Sixt family for more than half a century, Hyundai Capital Bank Europe became our new strategic majority shareholder. And with our name change in 2021 to Allane Mobility Group, we move ahead with our clear vision: to become the leading multi-brand provider of comprehensive mobility solutions in Europe.


The vehicle rental company Sixt is the first German company to offer a vehicle leasing program.


Sixt Mobility Consulting enters the market as specialist for fleet management and strategic consultation.


Sixt Leasing kicks off "Sixt Neuwagen" as an online platform for private and commercial customers, offering finance leasing as well as Sixt Vario financing.


Introduction of the product innovation ‚Flat rate for the road‘ as part of a joint campaign with 1&1 and Peugeot.


  • Introduction of a fully digital ordering process for private customers on
  • Establishment of first own used car sales location in Egelsbach near Frankfurt.


  • Innovative sales cooperation of with Fiat and Tchibo.
  • Start of digital after-sales of service products via
  • Launch of the app “The Companion” for company car drivers.


Introduction of a white label solution for car dealers.

A clear vision to strive for

Fast Lane 27 will set the basis for future groth

Growth through a wider product range, more innovation and the expansion of cooperations.

Our goal is to become the leading multi-brand provider of comprehensive mobility solutions in Europe. For this purpose, we presented our new strategy "FAST LANE 27" in June 2022. The overarching goal of the new strategic direction is to meet changing customer needs and to grow profitably on a sustainable basis.


Thereby, the focus is on the strategic expansion of the business model. Among other things, we will complement our three established business fields Online Retail, Fleet Leasing and Fleet Management with Captive Leasing as the fourth and On-Site Retail as the fifth pillar.


The strategic partnership with our major shareholder HCBE (a joint venture of Santander Consumer Bank AG and Hyundai Capital Service Inc.)  supports us to successfully implement the growth strategy of Allane Mobility Group and to take advantage of additional growth opportunities. 

Focus on customer needs and profitable growth

With "FAST LANE 27" we want to generate additional added value for our customers, partners, employees and investors and take advantage of further growth opportunities. To this end, we have put together a comprehensive package of measures that, in addition to expanding our business model, also includes new offers and services. For example, we want to further expand our offering by taking into account trends such as car-as-a-service, used car leasing, electric mobility and modular services in the area of corporate mobility. At the same time, innovations and cooperations will move more into focus.


Another important component of "FAST LANE 27" is the goal of becoming more sustainable by further increasing our share of alternative drive systems in our fleet and promoting green mobility solutions.

Our initiatives for growth and efficiency

Many years of experience in leasing and mobility matters

  • Eckart Klumpp
    Eckart Klumpp
    Chairman of the Managing Board (CEO) of Allane SE
  • alvaro-hoch
    Álvaro Hernández
    Member of the Managing Board (CFO) of Allane SE

  • Jochen Klöpper
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Allane SE since 5 August 2020
  • Thomas Hanswillemenke
    Member of the Supervisory Board of Allane SE since 10 December 2020
  • Keunbae Hong
    Member of the Supervisory Board of Allane SE since 30 June 2023
  • Ross Williams
    Member of the Supervisory Board of Allane SE since 14 April 2023
  • Norbert van den Eijnden
    Member of the Supervisory Board of Allane SE since 29 March 2022

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