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Our Values – AllYou.AllWe.Allane.

Our values are our guardrails by which we act together.

They answer the question of what is important to us on an interpersonal and business level and how we behave in our everyday work - towards our employees, customers and business partners. The values are not only supported by individuals, but by all of us: AllYou.AllWe.Allane.


Make it human!

As an independent leasing provider, we have set ourselves the goal of satisfying the basic human need for "mobility" and making it easy in every way. One thing is for sure: the human being is always in the foreground for us.


We meet our colleagues, customers and business partners every day anew with warmth & empathy. Fair and equitable dealings with each other are a matter of course for us. We see the colorful diversity in the responsibility of social aspects and take equal opportunities and diversity very seriously.


We focus on the strengths of our employees and support them in developing their abilities. In our company, appreciation is much more than "just" praise and reward. Appreciation also goes hand in hand with recognition, attention and respect.


Trust on all lanes!

Mutual trust is our guide to always choose the right track and enter into long-term relationships.


At Allane, everyone has the necessary freedom to tackle tasks responsibly and make decisions on their own. At the same time, we firmly believe that each of us always gives his or her best and faces new challenges with courage.


As a basis of trust, we create a transparent environment with open dialogue and honest communication. Our customers and partners can always rely on us. We take responsibility for our promises.


Drive together!

We are convinced that everyone is strong, but together we are stronger, because only together can we fully rev up the engine.


Helpfulness, cohesion and friendship form the basis for our team spirit and give us the necessary tailwind. Together we face the daily challenges with joy and passion. Fun at work is our driving force.


With our teams and strong partners at our side, we lead the company to success and thus enable our customers to enjoy a first-class driving experience.


Inspire customers!

We think noticeably different! Our focus is on action, because we don't want our customers to be satisfied, we want them to be delighted.


Together with our partners, we design all leasing products and services from our customers' point of view. Thanks to the wealth of ideas, expertise and many years of experience of our colleagues, we are always adapting our extensive mobility range to current customer needs.


With high quality standards and guaranteed reliability, we set ourselves the goal every day to accompany our customers on all lanes in the long term.


Steer towards future!

We steer toward the future - always with an eye to progress and sustainable interaction with people and nature. In doing so, we are committed to sustainability and are always working to meet current environmental standards and make processes more transparent.


We act future-oriented and use the digital transformation to conserve resources. As a modern mobility company, we promote e-mobility and pass on government subsidies to our customers.


Curiosity and innovation of our teams complement our vision of the future and are the guardrails to simplify daily work and further improve the customer experience. This keeps us one lane ahead of our peers.

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